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Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair Brooklyn project by our masonry contractors in Brooklyn. In this image you see 2 story house build in 1920 with a fireplace. The chimney is made of brick and water is getting inside the house. The color of the house is white. The image of a house with a chimney was taken during the chimney repair. Image was taken in April 2022   

According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association, almost half of all American homes have pre-installed chimneys. These, whilst being perfectly safe, occasionally need repairing, and can be dangerous if not tended to. If functional chimneys are not checked and repaired when needed, they can lead to chimney fires, which are very dangerous and can potentially very quickly lead to house fires. Even chimneys that have long since been sealed can cause problems if they become structurally damaged. We make sure that your chimneys are safe to use. We are trained professionals, and we have been trained to notice anything that might be dangerous, or could become something dangerous, allowing us to stop or fix it before it becomes a problem.

When does my chimney need repairing?

One sign that your chimney needs repairing is cracked or damaged wallpaper near the chimney. This suggests that there is an excess of moisture in your chimney, which can be a problem. Another sign that your chimney needs repairing is that your damper or firebox is rusted. This is another sign that there is too much moisture in your chimney, and it should be fixed as soon as possible. If you are not sure whether your chimney needs fixing, message or call us via the contact page, and we can organize a visit for us to have a look. Broken chimneys can be dangerous, so even if you are not sure, you should still get a professional like from Masonry Contractors Brooklyn Pros to have a look at it.

How to prevent chimney fires

The best way to prevent chimney fires is to make sure that your chimneys are clean and not damaged at all times - even at times like a warm summer when you don’t expect to use them. Building small chimney fires can help reduce the amount of creosote which reduces the risk of fire. Creosote builds up in chimneys when the wood is burned and is very flammable. If too much is allowed to build up, it can even block the chimney, which means the smoke can’t escape. Installing a chimney cap can also help reduce the risk of chimney fires because it stops twigs and sticks from falling in, as well as birds roosting. If twigs get in the chimney, they dry out because of the smoke, and can potentially be set on fire.

I don't use my chimney - should I still repair it?

Yes, because you never know if and when you might need it - maybe your power goes out, or you just fancy a fire. If you plan on renting or selling your house or apartment, it is a good idea to repair your chimney because otherwise, the new people living there might accidentally set it on fire if they don’t know it needs fixing. On top of this, if your chimney is damaged too much, it risks falling down completely. You may not notice the signs if you don’t use it, so it is worth getting them checked every year or so.

Our chimney repair service

Having a damaged chimney can put it out of use, and make it dangerous even when it's not being used. We know how important it is to have a safe house and will make sure to keep it that way by providing the best service possible. Call or message us for more information on how to keep your fireplace safe or if you are ready for our service.

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